Beanie weather

Is there anyone who hated wearing a hat when he/she was a kid? Well, here is one – me! But now that I am all grown-up and hopefully smart enough 🙂 I understand that not only it is warm but also it can be very stylish. You just need to find your style of hat/beanie that suits you. Read more

Red booties rock!

Hi there! How is everyone doing? Christmas “fevering” yet? Me – full time!
Before I left for Kharkov I have decorated our Christmas tree at home (stay tuned, soon I will show it here to you!), bought and wrapped some presents and even ordered my outfit for NYE! The only thing that is missing is snow… Read more

Great deals of Black Friday

Hello darlings!
How was your Black Friday weekend? What about Cyber Monday? Any survivors? 🙂
As for me – I did some shopping from Asos (they had very attractive 30% off) and also got some great deals from Shopbop! Soon will show you here everything.
So today is my first “sales” outfit – this gorgeous navy maxi dress and red booties (noway without red this season!). Read more