City girl…

Sometimes you need to leave the city in order to fall in love with it again. It has been almost 4 years since I’ve moved to Greece. And even though I visited Kharkov many times only recently I found this new love for my city. Especially I love Kharkov in summer. Full of green parks, bright colours and cute cafeterias, Kharkov will make you come back here again and again. Read more

Walk in the park with my boy

Hello guys!
Today’s post is short and sweet. Just another day from any mom’s life – a walk in the park. Here we are back in Greece a few weeks ago. As you see the weather is warm and sunny. We took a stroll in the park with my boy and couldn’t resist to take a few pictures. On some of them Marios is posing… but to the wrong camera 🙂 Haha! Read more

Green Kharkov

Hello from Kharkov!
I am finally here and have a minute to come and say hello…
My son and I arrived on Tuesday late at night, we were exhausted after 11 hours of travelling. So immediately after we reached my mum’s house we went to bed. But after a good sleep and some delicious breakfast made by my mum we were back to normal 🙂 Read more

Stripes on stripes…

Hello, Monday! Hello, July!
Where did June go, I have no idea…
Anyways… Today I came to say a quick hello and leave you this cute family photo shoot with my son. Why quickly? Because we are packing our suitcases (me and my son) to go to my native city Kharkov, Ukraine, to visit our other grandma, uncles, aunts and cousins… Yeah! Read more

Statement earrings

Hi there!
Planning an outfit for a Saturday night but don’t know what to wear?
Well, here is an idea. Wear something simple/monochrome and add some statement earrings – and your outfit will be amazing! Because statement earrings are so in trend right now. Remember like 10 years ago it was statement rings, then we moved to big and massive necklaces. Well, now it is turn for earrings. Read more

Khaki for summer

Happy Monday my dear friends!
While you are sipping your morning coffee, have a look at my new post…
Khaki dress with golden sandals – killer combination for a killer day! And that khaki colour really brings out your tan 🙂 So don’t be shy and dare to experiment! Read more

Casual denim

Hello my friends!
Just a quick hello while my boy is asleep… And also got a new easy look for you. When you are a busy mom and have like 5 minutes to get ready (makeup and outfit together!), you don’t have the luxury to try on many outfits in front of the mirror to see which one you feel close to that day. No, instead you have an option either to wear sweats and look like Plain Jane again 🙁 or you can get a bit more glamorous by wearing a long denim dress 🙂 Read more

Yellow summer…

Happy Monday! Happy sunshine!
After some rainy days we are back to sunny weather! And I decided to celebrate it with my sunny outfit. They say yellow is trending this season… Well, I don’t know how can it not be in trend? It is so bright and so summer’y. Just look at this dress! Read more

Back to 50s…

Happy Friday guys!
Having any big plans for the weekend?
Well, if you are heading to the beach or just for a walk – here is an idea of an outfit for you. Hello from the 50s!
When I saw this dress I immediately thought of old Hollywood movies with Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe… Read more


Hello everyone!
While my baby boy is taking his afternoon nap, I jumped straight here! I hope I will make it until he wake up again.
For the last two weeks his sleep is so disturbed. I put him down to sleep in the evening hoping I will have some three-four hours to update my blog, check my emails or just grab some sleep – but no, he wakes up in like 30 minutes wanting to breastfeed and lots of cuddles with mummy. For a while I couldn’t understand what was wrong, but then I saw 8 (!) teeth coming out at the same time. Mystery solved 🙂 Read more