Beach babe

Hi there!
Just a few days I went for shopping in a mall and met a friend of a friend. And she looked at me and asked: “Oh, are you expecting your second one?”… As a woman, my immediate response was: “Why?” 🙂 Read more

Holiday mode

Well, hello there!
After missing for more than two weeks I am finally back! I hope you still remember my name 🙂 It’s so good to be back. But also it was nice to take some time off and relax. Sometimes we need to be offline for a while and just enjoy the moment (or two weeks of moments 😉 ) I have now recharged my batteries and ready to work again! I have got lots of holiday/wedding pics to show you guys. Are you ready? Here we go… Read more

What to pack when you travel with a baby

Traveling with kids – happy times or a nightmare?
Well, that depends on how well you are prepared. I may have only one child and not that many trips together, but still I would love to share with you guys (or you dear mamas) my own ideas regarding what to pack so that your traveling would be a pleasure and not a nightmare (for both you and a baby). Read more

How to wear a beach dress not on the beach

Well, hello!
Summer is almost over and I’ve got a beach dress here 🙂 Well, we are about to go on vacation so it was about time to buy something for the beach. I recently found this cute grey dress and thought it would match perfectly with my tanned skin. Of course nothing matches tan better than white, but lately I really don’t like that combo (white + tan), it’s too contrasting. Instead I prefer yellow or grey. Also black looks gorgeous with a tan! Read more

Mini-trip to Aegina island

Hello my dears! How are you? Hope you are doing fine!
We are back from our spontaneous trip to Aegina –  it was last minute decision with all its consequences (fast packing, last minute shopping etc). But when you know you are going for holiday, nothing else matters, right?… Read more

2 in 1: trend on trend

A very good morning, darlings!
Talking trends, how about this dress? Ruffles plus gingham, could this dress be any cuter? Usually I am not after trends but this dress somehow had me like 🙂 And I thought my brown suede sandals would match it perfectly! Read more

I just love sales!

Good evening to everyone who is not sleeping yet!
We are back in Athens, hot and humid Athens… But as they say – you can’t have it all. I had a wonderful holiday in Ukraine, both relax and weather wise. So I am already grateful.
Today we are going to talk sales… Read more