Poros mini-getaway. Part 2

Hi there!
Just a quick hello and to leave you this cute striped outfit – another one from our getaway to Poros island. This was our second night there – we went for dinner and a walk around the town. Gorgeous sunset, chilly breeze, delicious food – what else can you ask for? And check those gorgeous cactuses we found along the way! Read more

Poros mini-getaway. Part 1

Hi there!
Missed me? I hope so! Sorry for being a bit absent lately. I just didn’t feel like writing for some reason. I blame hot summer 🙂 Instead we’ve been enjoying ourselves on the beach with my boy, going shopping (sales, hello!) and just relaxing at home…
But I decided it was time to come back and show you some island stuff. Read more

3 ways to wear a yellow dress

Hi there!
How are you doing? Hope everyone is fine!
Do you happen sometimes to buy a dress and you keep wearing it again and again the same way but desperately want to wear it some “new” way? Well, as a huge dress lover myself I have this problem all the time. I would buy a dress and would wear it the same way every time. But then I thought to give myself a challenge and try to wear it differently each time. So here we go… Read more

Kharkiv diaries. Part 4

When you pack for a trip, you should preferably choose tops and skirts/jeans which you can later combine between them and create new outfits without taking a lot of clothes with you. And here is a perfect example how. Today’s post includes two different days, two different outfits, even different types of weather and only one top – khaki denim shirt. Read more