Green inspiration

Sneakers with dresses…
This trend has already been in fashion for quite a while, when we were first all obsessed with cons plus dress/skirt, later we moved to white footwear no matter the model, and the latest news is that huge β€œdad’s” sneakers from 90s are now back (which I really don’t see me wearing). Read more

Beach bums

Hi there!
Some of you perhaps know that I have been quarantined home with my boy for the last few days as he is sick. And I feel so helpless looking at him being miserable, with fever and everything! Ah, this mom’s guilt… Read more

Recycling outfits

One of my New Year resolutions was to shop less and to recycle more.
Why? First of all, most of us we have already plenty of clothes and just buy things because either they are trendy, or with a great discount, or because you friend just bought the same etc.
Second of all, I have many pieces that I really love and want to wear them again and again. So who said that recycling of clothes or outfits is boring? Let’s make recycling trendy! Read more

Casual with a touch of glam

Hi there!
Spring is blossoming full time already in Athens. But I still have got a few winter looks for you to show.
Today’s outfit we shot a few weeks ago. This is my variant of “mom uniform” – when you have a child, sometimes you don’t have time to think through your outfit. So you have to figure it out on the way. Read more

My TOP 5 favourite earrings for spring

Hello, spring!
Finally it is spring here! And that means no more hats, scarves, coats. Only light jackets, dresses and shirts!
And I suggest we celebrate this spring with a pair of statement earrings! Why earrings? Because they are so feminine, eye catching and will make any outfit look like the one from your favourite magazine. Read more

OTK boots for a great mood

Hi there!
Just a quick hello and to show you my new over the knee boots.
I spotted them while randomly shopping for my husband a few weeks ago. While I was looking for a pair of work shoes for my husband I decided to take a quick look in female section, size 38. I wear the most common size, so during discount period usually there is hardly anything left πŸ™ . And then… there they were, perfect grey colour, my size, calling my name… Read more

Winter neutrals. Part 2

Hi there!
January is almost over. Where did it go – no idea. Does anyone also feel that with years time is passing much quicker? I feel like it flying with a speed of light! I wish there was a “pause” button…
Anyways, today let’s talk about winter whites. I have already shown you how you can brighten up your winter wardrobe by adding a light coat into it (click here). Read more

When you finally found a perfect skirt

Is it only me or does anyone else have a shelf in their closet called “when I lose weight”? πŸ™‚ Do you happen to buy things which are small or tight on you and you think: “Ok, I will lose a few kilos and it will look perfect on me! Let’s take it!” And you end up with a closet full of things which don’t even fit, or are small and not comfortable to wear. And then we have a well-known situation “full closet, nothing to wear” πŸ™‚ Well, this was totally my case until a few years ago. Read more