Hello from rainy Athens!
While some may complain and feel upset about the weather, I just feel great to have some break from the sunny weather. You can’t have sun all the time. Sometimes you need to chill out! Plus I love seeing nature burst after the rain. And it’s a wonderful opportunity to show off your umbrellas. There is something romantic in walking with an umbrella… Read more

Shades of blue

Happy Monday!
A new week – a new beginning…
I honestly started my week from a great workout and lots of playing with my son. I used to workout while he was asleep but now I’ve changed my tactics 🙂 I workout with him. I let him crawl or sit next to me. Read more

Mother and son…

Happy weekend everyone!
Today again I managed to wake up before my boy and to enjoy half of my breakfast. But then our dog Charlie barked and my quiet paradise was finished 🙂 Marios woke up and wanted cuddles with mummy… Even though I enjoyed a lot my morning break, those morning cuddles are the best thing in the world! When he just wakes up, still half sleepy, he would climb on me, hug me and like this we would sit, talk and slowly wake up. I wouldn’t change these moments for the world!!! Read more

Floral midi skirt

Good evening!
I just put my baby to sleep and came straight here…
As I said in my previous posts, I still have a few sweater outfits to share before I officially swap my winter closet for summer one. I spotted this gorgeous floral skirt and at first didn’t know if I should buy it or not. It seemed too pinky and too girly. Read more

White sneakers

Good morning!
I don’t know why but I have always been afraid to wear white shoes (sandals or sneakers). I always thought it was one use shoes – once you get dirty they are ruined forever. But this season my desire overcame my fears and I bought 3 pairs of whites! And today I am rocking one of them… Read more

Messy bun

Hi there!
Just a quick hello and to leave you this casual outfit for inspiration. This is one of comfy outfits that I prefer while going shopping or for a walk with a stroller. Warm pullover, trousers and flat shoes – simple, comfy and stylish. To make it a bit sophisticated I added the latest trend – gingham 🙂 Plus these trousers have a high waist so everything stays in shape (if you know what I mean 😉 ). Read more

No finish line

Hello my dear friends!
Happy Labour Day! Happy month!
Those of you following me on Instagram (@anastaciaglezakou) already know that my sweet little boy and I participated in “No Finish Line” marathon that took place in Athens. It is the biggest international charity race that has finally come to Greece. Read more

Maxi dress worn as skirt

Good morning my dear friends!
While you are drinking your morning coffee, here is something for you to check.
Maxi dress worn as maxi skirt. How about that? You have got your favourite dress, but want it to style differently. Try this trick – wear a pullover or a blouse on top of it, put a belt – and a new outfit is ready. I’ve had this dress for years and always wore it as dress (like here), but this time I decided to give it a new look. And I think it looks nice as a skirt. Read more

Casual Sunday

Hi there!
Missed me? I hope yes 🙂 Because I missed you a lot!
My sweet little boy is about to start walking by himself, and so far he drags my finger and me (obviously!) everywhere he wants to go. So I am kind of busy all day long! And when he is asleep (which is not that much lately ;( ), I have like a thousand of things to do, so that’s why I have been doing posts not that often lately. Forgive me! But here I am with lots of new posts, outfits and looks! Stay tuned! Read more

Mustard sweater

Hello to the ones who are not sleeping yet!
Although I am a big summer lover, I can’t stop admiring gorgeous spring we are having this year. The weather has been great for the last couple of weeks. It is very warm, sunny with a slight breeze. Just perfect for long walks which I love so much! Read more