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5 things to do in Hydra

Hi there!
Following my previous post today I am going to talk things I liked about Hydra and one thing I didn’t. If you ever go to Hydra island – feel free to borrow my ideas and suggestions.
So here are my TOP 5 things to do in Hydra (and one NOT to): Read more

Brighter than the sun…

Hi there!
Continuing exploring Hydra here with you on the blog…
Here is day 3 of our stay on Hydra island and a new outfit made of the same top (see previous posts).
While my son was sleeping with his daddy, I went on a new adventure – by walking of course (remember, there are no cars in Hydra!). Read more

Evening stroll around Hydra

Hello there!
Here is part 2 of our first day on the island of Hydra (click here for part 1).
Quick change of clothes – and we are off again. This was our first evening on the island. And it was just magical – marina with cafeterias by the water, lots of lights, birds flying by, cats walking by… We wandered around the bay and then stopped for a delicious waffle with ice-cream. Read more

Hello from Hydra island!

Hello there!
How are you? Missed me?
I have been unable to work or edit any of my photos because… my son broke the charger of my laptop and I couldn’t buy a new one for a week! But finally I’m all set and ready to work! I have like 2500 pics to edit, so wish me luck 🙂 Read more

Red booties rock!

Hi there! How is everyone doing? Christmas “fevering” yet? Me – full time!
Before I left for Kharkov I have decorated our Christmas tree at home (stay tuned, soon I will show it here to you!), bought and wrapped some presents and even ordered my outfit for NYE! The only thing that is missing is snow… Read more

Red is the new black

Red is the new black – they say this season? Well, red is a good colour. Not only it matches almost everything and everyone, it also instantly adds some brightness, confidence and passion to an outfit. A woman in red will never go unnoticed 😉 So let’s use this colour full time this season… Read more