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Standfor sneakers

Hello summer! As usual I am late 🙂
It’s just when you become a mom, sometimes you forget what day it is. So I realised that it was summer already yesterday late at night. Now on that “mom topic”. My boy has turned already 14 months old and he is in that “curios” age where he wants to check everything in the house, open all the doors, all the drawers. And since he has learnt already everything in his room, it is time to conquer the kitchen 🙂 And as you understand my days are filled now with running after him and taking him out of trouble. Read more

White and grey

Happy Sunday!
Today’s post is supposed to be matchy-matchy with my boy. But he woke up very grumpy after his afternoon nap and didn’t want to pose for the camera at all… 🙂 I had us all dressed up in matching outfits but unfortunately Mr. Marios was not in the mood for pictures. What to do? So here we have what we have… My sweet moody Marios 🙂 Read more

Mother and son…

Happy weekend everyone!
Today again I managed to wake up before my boy and to enjoy half of my breakfast. But then our dog Charlie barked and my quiet paradise was finished 🙂 Marios woke up and wanted cuddles with mummy… Even though I enjoyed a lot my morning break, those morning cuddles are the best thing in the world! When he just wakes up, still half sleepy, he would climb on me, hug me and like this we would sit, talk and slowly wake up. I wouldn’t change these moments for the world!!! Read more

Monday resolutions…

Hello Monday!
Since giving birth to my little boy I have duty 24/7 as you understand, so for me it doesn’t really matter which day of the week it is. But still I have always liked Mondays because it is like a new beginning. You can start doing something new, something good! Read more

Marios’ first birthday

Happy birthday once again to our sweet baby boy Marios!
His birthday was on Saturday, so this is when we decided to throw him a small party. It was a small family affair, just like with his christening. My husband and I didn’t want to have a lot of friends with kids as our son is still too small for that. Instead we had my husband’s family to come for pizza, sweets and a cake, of course. Actually we had two cakes! And here is why 🙂 Read more

Happy birthday our dear baby!

18th of March is the day that my life has changed forever. Exactly one year ago (and one day 😉 ) we met our beautiful, healthy, cute pink boy. And since then nothing was ever the same again. For the past year I have grown so much, as I have not grown in my 32 years. Motherhood has changed me, made me a better version of me. Read more

Little monster :)

Hello everyone!
And it is carnival time in Greece… The celebrations of music, masquerade, dance and colors mark a unique three-week-long period in Greece. And let me introduce to you our own little monster – our sweet boy Marios, all dressed up for his first carnival. Who else is scared of this little monster??? Grrrrrrr….. Read more

My dear paparazzi

Sometimes I get asked who takes pictures of me. So today’s post is dedicated to my dear paparazzi also known as my husband 🙂
Some two years ago my husband bought me this super-duper Canon photo camera (which I still don’t know how to use on manual mode! Shame on me!). Little did he know that this camera would become his every day accessory from then on 🙂 Ah, my poor husband! Well, it is not his fault that his wife wants to be a blogger 🙂 Read more


Hi there!
I hope everyone is doing fine.
Today I am inviting you to our son’s christening. As I said in my previous posts, we chose to have a small ceremony with just the closest family and friends. It was a very happy and joyous occasion with lots of laughter, smiles and love.
As for decoration, my husband and I chose navy theme with respectively dark blue and white colours. Read more