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My dear paparazzi

Sometimes I get asked who takes pictures of me. So today’s post is dedicated to my dear paparazzi also known as my husband 🙂
Some two years ago my husband bought me this super-duper Canon photo camera (which I still don’t know how to use on manual mode! Shame on me!). Little did he know that this camera would become his every day accessory from then on 🙂 Ah, my poor husband! Well, it is not his fault that his wife wants to be a blogger 🙂 Read more


Hi there!
I hope everyone is doing fine.
Today I am inviting you to our son’s christening. As I said in my previous posts, we chose to have a small ceremony with just the closest family and friends. It was a very happy and joyous occasion with lots of laughter, smiles and love.
As for decoration, my husband and I chose navy theme with respectively dark blue and white colours. Read more

Sunset time

Hello everyone!
Today I am going to tell you a little bit about an exciting upcoming event – christening of our son.
In Greece they say that christening of a child is the same as wedding (remember movie “My big fat Greek wedding”?). It can be either huge and pompous with hundreds of guests and big celebration or small and intimate with only close friends and family. My husband and I gave it a lot of thought and decided that we wanted to make a small celebration, just family and few close friends. It just felt more like us. Read more

Playground time

Hello there! Missed me? I hope yes, because I missed you a lot!
Those of you following me on Instagram (@anastaciaglezakou) know that I have been sick for a while. I don’t know where I caught it but it was pretty nasty. I had sore throat, running nose and the usual stuff… Being sick is bad, but being a sick mom is five times worse. Because moms don’t get “sick leave”, they have to be available 24 hours, 7 days a week! Read more


Hi there!
My boy just fell asleep and I jumped straight here before I do too 🙂 Today I have a cute casual post for you of me and my boy in matching outfits. Although I try not to buy him a lot of clothes because he grows out of them in like 20 minutes, I do have clothes of almost every colour for him, so that me can play matchy-matchy 🙂 I find it really sweet! And today we are greenish! Read more

Best present ever…

Happy birthday to me!
Today is my birthday and here is my best present ever – my sweet little baby boy! Just yesterday he turned 5 months old (see here), and I couldn’t be happier to be his mum. The time flies so fast and I try to catch every moment of every day with our Marios. I want to remember every single smile, every sound that he makes. Probably that’s why I can’t stop taking pictures and videos of him, so that I will have something to look at when I am old… 🙂 Read more

My sweet little boy

Today exactly at this hour my sweet little boy turned 4 months old. And I couldn’t be happier to be his mom. Yes, sometimes that means no sleep or very little sleep at night (which happens rarely, thanks God, but still happens), no food for many hours (either I don’t have time, or I actually forget to eat sometimes), no time for shower after coming back home from outside (and it is +40 C!). But still it is such a big happiness to be a mom! Read more

Mayarya top

Hello Saturday!
And I have got some sweet baby post for you 🙂
This is me and my son Marios hanging out in his nursery (which I will be showing here once it is finished). As you can see it has white and yellow colours (I didn’t want to go on traditional blue colour). Although it is his nursery, we hardly use it (only for changing his diapers) because so far he sleeps in our bedroom during the night. And during the day – he likes to stay in his swing or in mummy’s arms :). Read more

Marina Alimou

Hello Friday! You are finally here!
While for me – busy mummy – all days are more or less the same, I still wait for weekends like crazy. Because this is when my husband and I are going together for walks somewhere nice. We would take our son and our dog, load lots of baby stuff in the car and just go. During the week I can’t afford such pleasure since I can’t drive and even if I could – I would probably be scared to death 🙂 Read more

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!
While my son is sleeping on my lap, I will quickly leave it here for you (will try not to move a lot 🙂 ). For the last few days Marios doesn’t sleep much during the day, which makes my day extremely difficult and long. Well, at least he sleeps a lot during the night (here I can’t complain!!!)! With such schedule I discovered that I am capable of doing things much faster than I thought I could. Read more