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The Gorky Park

The Gorky Park – I don’t know how many times I have already said that but it is my favourite place in Kharkiv and maybe on Earth! If you are ever in Kharkiv/Ukraine – it is definitely a must-see! It is so beautiful, so huge, so clean, with all kinds of entertainment for all ages! Read more

Picnic time with my boy…

Hi there!
Starting from today I am going to show you some unpublished pics from last year – my Kharkiv series. I went to Kharkiv back in October. And just now I found these pics on my computer. So even though autumn is over, let me show you how beautiful it is in Kkarkiv… Here we go! Read more

Beach bums

Hi there!
Some of you perhaps know that I have been quarantined home with my boy for the last few days as he is sick. And I feel so helpless looking at him being miserable, with fever and everything! Ah, this mom’s guilt… Read more