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3 ways to wear a yellow dress

Hi there!
How are you doing? Hope everyone is fine!
Do you happen sometimes to buy a dress and you keep wearing it again and again the same way but desperately want to wear it some “new” way? Well, as a huge dress lover myself I have this problem all the time. I would buy a dress and would wear it the same way every time. But then I thought to give myself a challenge and try to wear it differently each time. So here we go… Read more

How to style a floral skirt

Hello florals!
Floral skirts, trousers, dresses, swimwear and even shoes! I usually don’t follow trends blindly but florals – man, I love them! I love them in every piece of clothing. So how do we style them? Let’s see few examples with a floral midi skirt. To be honest, pink is not really my colour, but this skirt somehow caught my attention and I decided to buy it. And today continuing my new rubrics – “one item, many outfits” – I will show you how to style it with 3 different ways. Read more

Striped skirt

Hi there!
Continuing my new rubrics “one item – many outfits” and as I promised to one of my dear readers, today I am going to show you how you can style a striped skirt in many different ways. This Zara striped skirt has caught my eye a long time ago and since then I have worn it for many-many occasions both casual and chic, during summer and winter, with sandals and sports shoes. Read more