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No finish line

Hello my dear friends!
Happy Labour Day! Happy month!
Those of you following me on Instagram (@anastaciaglezakou) already know that my sweet little boy and I participated in “No Finish Line” marathon that took place in Athens. It is the biggest international charity race that has finally come to Greece. Read more

Let’s workout!

Happy July with delay 🙂
Those following me on Instagram (@anastaciaglezakou) know that I go to gym few times a week. I prefer going to group classes. I practice Pilates and lately started more dynamic – Total Body Concept classes.
1 hour 3-4 times a week is enough for me to keep fit.  Fit! Not skinny or slim. I don’t try to become a certain size, I try to be fit and healthy and feel good in my own body! For example, my clothes size is M, sometimes I can take S, sometimes L – so what? The most important for me is to feel good and comfortable and not to be a certain size!  Read more