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Little sun in the middle of winter

While everyone is posting photos with snow, here is some sun and beach for you for a change 🙂
Since it will never really snow in Athens (cup of snow flakes falling from the skies once in a while doesn’t count), I will show you our real winter. On New Year’s Eve we did have some cold weather (so called “winter”), but now we are back to our usual sunny and warm weather. Read more

Ballet night


Happy Monday! Last Monday of the year.
Christmas is over but we still have New Year’s Eve to look forward to. This year my husband and I will be hosting New Year’s Eve at our house. On this day we usually prepare some snacks and sweets as it is a night of poker (my husband’s family likes playing cards). And sometimes they get so involved that they forget about time and can play cards all night long! As for me – after an hour of playing I am usually done 🙂 Read more

Christmas spirit’s everywhere

Continuing Christmas topic, here is another Christmas tree for you. In case you haven’t decorated your Christmas tree yet, you may use this idea of orange theme if you like it. The tree is decorated at the entrance of our building and greets us every time we come home. Every year they put Christmas tree in the hall of our house first days of December, and it creates such a magical atmosphere… Read more

Shades of grey

It’s Friday here!
It is only a week until Christmas and I am running out of time. I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping yet, haven’t found the dress to wear for holidays. So I run now all day to finish everything and not to do the last moment. Read more

Knitted dress

Hello from cold Athens!
It is getting quite cold in Greece – finally we got our winter 🙂
Since most of my regular clothes don’t fit me anymore, here is what I decided to do. I look for loose and knitted clothes – mostly dresses and pullovers – so that I can wear them both now as maternity clothes and then later as regular clothes.  Read more

Perfect sunset

Good morning!
Happy December! And wishing everyone to have a wonderful winter!
For the last couple of days I have been mostly home as I caught a little cold. I hate being sick, and being sick while pregnant is even worse! Anyway, I am a bit better now, and straight decided to go for a walk for some fresh air. And walk at sunset by the seaside couldn’t be a better choice. Read more

Feeling maternity

Pregnancy is such a magical period!
Feeling a new life growing inside you is something difficult to describe. You just need to feel it!
I actually did start to feel first kicks of the baby, and it is such an amazing feeling. If I hadn’t known that I was pregnant – I would have thought that I just had eaten something bad… 🙂 Read more

Morning at the museum…

Here I am again at my favourite museum – the Acropolis museum. And as usual I came there for the opening (which is at 9 a.m. in winter period), in order to take these marvelous pictures with no crowds. I always wonder, are all museums empty early in the morning, or only Greek ones? Read more