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First walk with our angel…

Good morning everyone!
I just came back from the morning walk with my son and couldn’t be happier! He slept the entire time, enjoying warm morning weather. It was so nice to be outside! Since giving birth I haven’t been out much, just running some urgent errands and that’s it. And I missed outside so much! Read more

Tourist with a bump


Sorry I have been silent for a while. But I had a good reason!
Those of you following me in Instagram, know that last Friday I became a mother! At 20.25 a healthy pinky boy was born. The delivery was long and not easy (one day I will tell you all the details). But as soon as I saw our boy for the first time, all that didn’t matter anymore… Read more

Office maternity look

Monday – work day. Let’s imagine that I work at the office. And here I’ve got a great example of an office maternity look. This simple yet chic dress is perfect for office, walk downtown or even party (combined with some fancy shoes and accessories). And its cute print only adds glamour (have you noticed that those are actually dogs?). Read more

Maxi dress

Good morning everyone! It’s weekend here, yeah…
While you are drinking your morning coffee, I will show you here my “almost summer” look. It has been very warm in Athens for the last couple of days, so I decided to wear this breezy summer maxi dress with a jacket while running some errands. And later I even took off the jacket as days are really warm right now! I took this dress for hot summer days but couldn’t resist to wear it now. I like that it is very loose and light, so it would be perfect for long walks with the stroller! Read more

Sporty chic

Happy Sunday everybody!
As you see – no baby yet 🙂 We are waiting for the arrival any day now and meanwhile I walk as much as I can. Few days ago I went for a walk in the National Gardens, next to Zappeion building, wearing this comfortable knitted dress and cons. The weather has been so warm lately, it feels more like summer than spring. Read more

Red coat

While we are waiting impatiently for the arrival of our child, I have found this gorgeous red coat and couldn’t be more happy. I have been looking for this scarlet red colour for a while now. And finally I spotted it in a new collection of Zara. I only wish the weather was a bit colder so that I could wear it. This time I combined it with black treggins and a dark blue turtleneck sweater. But it also be perfect with grey, beige, white and even pink shades! Read more

Bye winter…

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday – the last Sunday of winter!
I won’t keep you long here. Just came to make a quick goodbye winter post (although looking at photos it is hard to believe that it is winter outside). Another casual “winter” maternity outfit from me – stripped pullover and treggins. This is my outfit for today (first I went to the marina for my morning walk, and now we are going to my in-laws for family dinner). Read more

Floral midi dress

Good morning, my dear friends! And happy Monday!
While you are drinking your morning coffee – have a quick look at my last week’s weekend outfit. Early morning I went for a walk along the marina with a tea and pancake stop at a lovely cafeteria by the sea. Read more

Windy hairdo

Since my doctor told me to walk a lot – I strictly follow his instructions. It is actually a pleasure for me as I just love walking! The more heavily pregnant I get, the more I notice how tired I get at the end of the day. Sometimes I feel like I ran a marathon 🙂 But it is only month to go or even less, so I will enjoy it as much as I can.  Read more