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Working out with a baby

Hello there!
Following my previous post let me tell you a little bit about my weekend workouts. If you follow me on Instagram (@anastaciaglezakou), you know that during the week I work out at home (as I can not go to the gym yet). Recently I have started a more intensive 40-minute workout programme (I felt I was strong enough). But on weekends the situation is different. Read more

Tips for walking

As a I have mentioned before – I adore jogging. But after giving birth (via C-section) I couldn’t start jogging right away. My body needed some time to relax and recover its powers. So I started easy – from walking.
And today I would like to share some of my tips which can make your walking a pleasure. Read more

Black and white…

Good evening to those who is still awake!
My son is finally asleep, and I am half sleeping too. So I will leave this fast here and go join him…
Today I’ve got a black and white outfit for you. Life is like this outfit – with black and white stripes. Read more

Happy Easter!

Happy Orthodox Easter!
This year we have our own Easter bunny – our son Marios! It is his first ever holiday! Even though he slept the majority of the day and didn’t understand a thing – he was the centre of attention! He got plenty of presents and chocolate eggs (which his mama will have to eat for him 🙂 ). Read more

Flower girl

Hi there!
Today I am a flower girl. Yeah, I know, it is a typical blogger’s trick – to take pics with flowers, but I just couldn’t resist. It is such a beautiful bouquet. It is actually not mine, but my mother-in-law’s. On Sunday it was her birthday, and my husband and I gave her these flowers. We had a lovely family dinner, which I enjoyed only partially as a new mum, if you know what I mean 🙂 Our son didn’t want to leave mummy’s hands at all… Read more

Sunday walk

Hello everyone!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
We just got back from my in-laws. There we had a family dinner. Of course our son Marios was the centre of attention, which he didn’t like a lot. He kept waking up and was a bit moody. Read more

Walk by the palm trees

Hi from sunny Athens!
Today I am going to take you for a walk by the seaside. On weekend my husband and I took our son and dog for a walk to Elliniko area. What I like about this place is that it is never crowded even in high season. As you can see, the weather is great in Athens. It is actually getting quite hot already. Summer decided to come unannounced! Read more

Happy Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day, dear ladies!
Wishing you a whole lots of happiness, today and all through the year. Don’t be afraid to dream big and always believe in yourself!
And while everyone is posting roses and tulips this day, here I am at our parking with some spring flowers. These cherry blossoms smell like heaven!
And meanwhile my husband and I are still waiting for the arrival of another gentleman in our family… Read more

Weekend by the seaside…


After getting married I feel very lucky to be living by the seaside. It is within walking distance from our house, and I try to go there as often as I can. But sometimes I catch myself on the fact that I haven’t been by the seaside for days or even weeks! Shame on me! Then I promise myself not to be lazy and not to take it for granted! Read more

Non maternity/maternity dress

Happy Sunday everyone!
Today I am going to show you how I turned non-maternity dress into maternity. This is my latest trick. Since I am on the finish line (only one-one and a half month to go), I don’t want to buy anymore maternity clothes. Instead I am investing in loose but pretty dresses which I can wear now and after the pregnancy. This is my latest purchase from H&M’s new collection. Nice pattern makes it easy to combine with any jacket or cardigan. And couldn’t resist to wear my new booties again. They are comfy, cute and matched this dress greatly! Read more