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The most magical time of the year…

It’s the most magical time of the year…
Slowly but surely we are approaching this time of the year…
In Greece people/shops usually decorate their trees quite early, beginning of December. And same I like to do at home – so that you feel Christmas spirit. After the birth of our son I wanted to start some family traditions. So my husband and I have decided to make a holiday tradition – first weekend of December we decorate our Christmas tree! Read more

Sunset walk

Happy Friday my friends!
How do you relieve your stress? Whether you are a busy mom, or a student, or an office worker – we always face stress in our every day life. And it is very important to find your way to relieve it. Read more

City girl…

Sometimes you need to leave the city in order to fall in love with it again. It has been almost 4 years since I’ve moved to Greece. And even though I visited Kharkov many times only recently I found this new love for my city. Especially I love Kharkov in summer. Full of green parks, bright colours and cute cafeterias, Kharkov will make you come back here again and again. Read more

Green Kharkov

Hello from Kharkov!
I am finally here and have a minute to come and say hello…
My son and I arrived on Tuesday late at night, we were exhausted after 11 hours of travelling. So immediately after we reached my mum’s house we went to bed. But after a good sleep and some delicious breakfast made by my mum we were back to normal 🙂 Read more

No finish line

Hello my dear friends!
Happy Labour Day! Happy month!
Those of you following me on Instagram (@anastaciaglezakou) already know that my sweet little boy and I participated in “No Finish Line” marathon that took place in Athens. It is the biggest international charity race that has finally come to Greece. Read more

Monday resolutions…

Hello Monday!
Since giving birth to my little boy I have duty 24/7 as you understand, so for me it doesn’t really matter which day of the week it is. But still I have always liked Mondays because it is like a new beginning. You can start doing something new, something good! Read more

Let it snow…

Happy weekend everyone!
Today I am back in the forest full of snow (part 1 is here). Let me show you a piece of beautiful nature we have in Ukraine. This little forest is situated within 20 minutes walk from my house.With our busy lives sometimes we forget to look around, to notice little things. And all you have to do is get out of the house! Read more