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Hello everyone!
While my baby boy is taking his afternoon nap, I jumped straight here! I hope I will make it until he wake up again.
For the last two weeks his sleep is so disturbed. I put him down to sleep in the evening hoping I will have some three-four hours to update my blog, check my emails or just grab some sleep – but no, he wakes up in like 30 minutes wanting to breastfeed and lots of cuddles with mummy. For a while I couldn’t understand what was wrong, but then I saw 8 (!) teeth coming out at the same time. Mystery solved 🙂 Read more

Nude nails

Happy Friday dear friends!
Just a quick hello and a sunset barefoot post for you 🙂
Summer is here and I decided to do nude mani-pedi for the first time (I usually do something red). Especially now that I took some colour, I really like how it looks – nude nails on tanned skin! Read more

Jacaranda trees

Hello everyone!
Today I have one of the most beautiful backgrounds for you! Jacaranda trees… Oh, so beautiful (by the way, I didn’t know the name “jacaranda” until a few days ago 🙂 and simply called as them purple trees 🙂 ahahahahaha!)! This is one my favourite times of the year – only because of this purple heaven everywhere! Read more

Standfor sneakers

Hello summer! As usual I am late 🙂
It’s just when you become a mom, sometimes you forget what day it is. So I realised that it was summer already yesterday late at night. Now on that “mom topic”. My boy has turned already 14 months old and he is in that “curios” age where he wants to check everything in the house, open all the doors, all the drawers. And since he has learnt already everything in his room, it is time to conquer the kitchen 🙂 And as you understand my days are filled now with running after him and taking him out of trouble. Read more

How to style a floral skirt

Hello florals!
Floral skirts, trousers, dresses, swimwear and even shoes! I usually don’t follow trends blindly but florals – man, I love them! I love them in every piece of clothing. So how do we style them? Let’s see few examples with a floral midi skirt. To be honest, pink is not really my colour, but this skirt somehow caught my attention and I decided to buy it. And today continuing my new rubrics – “one item, many outfits” – I will show you how to style it with 3 different ways. Read more


Good morning, my dear friends! Happy Sunday!
Just a quick hello and to leave you this warm and sunny post (although it is raining right now in Athens!). This is my weekend look from last weekend.
Can you see this cute gingham top? Well, it is actually a dress! Read more

White ruffled top

Hello there!
We are back to sunny weather and here is a very summer’y outfit for you. I don’t know how about you, but as for me – I have got tons of trousers and skirts of all colours, patterns and prints, and as for tops – I usually opt for basic colours so that I can pair them with anything. And what can be better than a simple white top for the summer? Although this one is not so simple – it has got a very cute ruffle at the sides. Read more

White and grey

Happy Sunday!
Today’s post is supposed to be matchy-matchy with my boy. But he woke up very grumpy after his afternoon nap and didn’t want to pose for the camera at all… 🙂 I had us all dressed up in matching outfits but unfortunately Mr. Marios was not in the mood for pictures. What to do? So here we have what we have… My sweet moody Marios 🙂 Read more


Hello from rainy Athens!
While some may complain and feel upset about the weather, I just feel great to have some break from the sunny weather. You can’t have sun all the time. Sometimes you need to chill out! Plus I love seeing nature burst after the rain. And it’s a wonderful opportunity to show off your umbrellas. There is something romantic in walking with an umbrella… Read more

Shades of blue

Happy Monday!
A new week – a new beginning…
I honestly started my week from a great workout and lots of playing with my son. I used to workout while he was asleep but now I’ve changed my tactics 🙂 I workout with him. I let him crawl or sit next to me. Read more