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Great deals of Black Friday

Hello darlings!
How was your Black Friday weekend? What about Cyber Monday? Any survivors? 🙂
As for me – I did some shopping from Asos (they had very attractive 30% off) and also got some great deals from Shopbop! Soon will show you here everything.
So today is my first “sales” outfit – this gorgeous navy maxi dress and red booties (noway without red this season!). Read more

Red is the new black

Red is the new black – they say this season? Well, red is a good colour. Not only it matches almost everything and everyone, it also instantly adds some brightness, confidence and passion to an outfit. A woman in red will never go unnoticed 😉 So let’s use this colour full time this season… Read more

Denim jacket as top

Denim jacket worn as a top? It’s something new that I tried and really liked that. It was one of chilly nights and I didn’t want to wear something warm, like sweater. Thought a denim jacket would be enough. So I pulled it out of my suitcase,  but instead of having it on top of a top, I decided to wear it as a top (bra + jacket). Felt really sophisticated! Read more

Red polka dot

Hi there!
After my last post I have received so many positive messages and comments. You guys can not imagine what that means for me! Thank you so much! If I could hug each and every one of you, I would 🙂
Now back to business… Read more

Beach babe

Hi there!
Just a few days I went for shopping in a mall and met a friend of a friend. And she looked at me and asked: “Oh, are you expecting your second one?”… As a woman, my immediate response was: “Why?” 🙂 Read more