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How to wear a beach dress not on the beach

Well, hello!
Summer is almost over and I’ve got a beach dress here 🙂 Well, we are about to go on vacation so it was about time to buy something for the beach. I recently found this cute grey dress and thought it would match perfectly with my tanned skin. Of course nothing matches tan better than white, but lately I really don’t like that combo (white + tan), it’s too contrasting. Instead I prefer yellow or grey. Also black looks gorgeous with a tan! Read more

Mini-trip to Aegina island

Hello my dears! How are you? Hope you are doing fine!
We are back from our spontaneous trip to Aegina –  it was last minute decision with all its consequences (fast packing, last minute shopping etc). But when you know you are going for holiday, nothing else matters, right?… Read more

2 in 1: trend on trend

A very good morning, darlings!
Talking trends, how about this dress? Ruffles plus gingham, could this dress be any cuter? Usually I am not after trends but this dress somehow had me like 🙂 And I thought my brown suede sandals would match it perfectly! Read more

I just love sales!

Good evening to everyone who is not sleeping yet!
We are back in Athens, hot and humid Athens… But as they say – you can’t have it all. I had a wonderful holiday in Ukraine, both relax and weather wise. So I am already grateful.
Today we are going to talk sales… Read more

Gorky park

Who said boys can’t wear red? Of course they can. Especially if mummy wears pink 😉
I still have lots of photos and stories to share from my native Kharkov, so here we go. This time we are in the Gorky park – one of the Europe’s best parks (no kidding!). Read more

Mom in da city…

Hi there!
Missed me? I hope so 🙂 I am back online and promise not to disappear again!
It’s just the last few days have been very busy and full of events, so by the time my son and I reached the bed, I had no power at all. That’s why I have delayed a bit with posting. But now we’re back home, in Athens, I had a good sleep, I unpacked everything and am ready to work! Read more

City girl…

Sometimes you need to leave the city in order to fall in love with it again. It has been almost 4 years since I’ve moved to Greece. And even though I visited Kharkov many times only recently I found this new love for my city. Especially I love Kharkov in summer. Full of green parks, bright colours and cute cafeterias, Kharkov will make you come back here again and again. Read more