How I spent my summer. Poros island

Hi there!
Missed me? A lot? I hope so!
I have to admit that I have neglected my blog for the last couple of months. Not that I got bored of it, or I didn’t want to continue it, I just didn’t post anything at all. I don’t know why that happened but somehow I didn’t feel like writing recently.
I had a summer full of events but I had no time for blogging although I kept you guys updated through my IG account.
So anyway. As of today I am going to show you briefly how did I spend my summer and where.
I know it is way too late for summer pics, and you are all probably in sweater/coat mode right now. But I still decided to share these photos with you. Maybe you will find it inspiring for your next summer or while booking your next trip…
So how did I spend my summer?
Let’s start from the beginning (late May-June). This was the time when my cousin was visiting and we decided to go on a little trip to Poros island. It was still very low season, the island was empty and very quiet which made that trip even better. One morning we jumped on a ferry boat and in less than two hours we were already sipping our coffee at our hotel in Poros… We had almost the entire hotel all to ourselves, beaches were empty and the weather was quite warm and sunny. What else do you need for a perfect getaway?
So here are our few days spent in Poros, wandering around the island, watching sunsets and enjoying ourselves.
I especially loved the first evening we were in Poros. After we checked-in and settled in our hotel, we unpacked, changed, had a quick bite and went for an evening stroll downtown just in time for the sunset. And what a sunset that was!!!
All those pinky photos are from that evening. G O R G E O U S…
So scroll down till the very last one! And enjoy…
O U T F I T     D E T A I L S     # 1 : H&M t-shirt, Massimo Dutti jeans, London Rebel white sneakers.
O U T F I T     D E T A I L S     # 2 : Zara denim jacket, floral dress, bag & earrings, London Rebel white sneakers.
O U T F I T     D E T A I L S     # 3 : Mango jumpsuit, Zara straw bag, Castaner earrings, Migato sandals.
O U T F I T     D E T A I L S     # 4 : Zara linen dress and bag, Achilleas hat, Alessandra sandals.

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