Casual Sunday

Hi there!
Missed me? I hope yes 🙂 Because I missed you a lot!
My sweet little boy is about to start walking by himself, and so far he drags my finger and me (obviously!) everywhere he wants to go. So I am kind of busy all day long! And when he is asleep (which is not that much lately ;( ), I have like a thousand of things to do, so that’s why I have been doing posts not that often lately. Forgive me! But here I am with lots of new posts, outfits and looks! Stay tuned! Read more

Mustard sweater

Hello to the ones who are not sleeping yet!
Although I am a big summer lover, I can’t stop admiring gorgeous spring we are having this year. The weather has been great for the last couple of weeks. It is very warm, sunny with a slight breeze. Just perfect for long walks which I love so much! Read more

Blue and white

Hello my dear friends! Happy delayed Easter!
Wishing you piece, love and happiness! And hope you celebrated it with your loved ones!
While we are back to chilly weather in Athens I am going to show you a few sweater looks here. And today I am in traditional Greek colours – blue and white 🙂 This outfit was shot a few days ago while on shopping in Glyfada. As you see I am wearing my OTK boots because they are so comfy that I could actually walk for the whole day in them and not be dead by the end of the day 😉 Read more

Striped skirt

Hi there!
Continuing my new rubrics “one item – many outfits” and as I promised to one of my dear readers, today I am going to show you how you can style a striped skirt in many different ways. This Zara striped skirt has caught my eye a long time ago and since then I have worn it for many-many occasions both casual and chic, during summer and winter, with sandals and sports shoes. Read more

Nea Makri beach

Hi there!
As summer is slowly approaching Athens – here are my first beach photos this year. Maybe still in a sweater and jeans but still it feels that summer is near! Last weekend my husband and I took our son for a mini-trip to Nea Makri beach (it is on the other north-eastern side of Athens). The water was turquoise and the beach was empty – my kind of paradise 😉 I wish we could stay overnight there to get up early and walk at sunrise on the beach… Read more

OTK boots

Hello Wednesday!
We’re half way through the week. I can see weekend somewhere on the horizon… 🙂
OTK boots (yeah, I didn’t know what that means either until I googled it!) – over the knee boots – are in trend for a few seasons already and I only recently bought a pair for me (last I wore them here). Read more


Hello Sunday!
What I love the most about Sundays – is that early in the morning the whole city sleeps and you can enjoy empty quiet streets with no cars, no people. Just you and your thoughts. And I just came back from a long walk with my boy. Read more

Boho style

Hi there!
Hope everyone is doing great!
Just a quick hello and to leave you here my boho outfit from the other day. I bought this blouse back in summer (remember I wore it here?) and was waiting for colder weather to wear it with jeans. But then as usual it got lost in my wardrobe and I forgot about it. And now it magically appeared 🙂 Read more

Monday resolutions…

Hello Monday!
Since giving birth to my little boy I have duty 24/7 as you understand, so for me it doesn’t really matter which day of the week it is. But still I have always liked Mondays because it is like a new beginning. You can start doing something new, something good! Read more

Marios’ first birthday

Happy birthday once again to our sweet baby boy Marios!
His birthday was on Saturday, so this is when we decided to throw him a small party. It was a small family affair, just like with his christening. My husband and I didn’t want to have a lot of friends with kids as our son is still too small for that. Instead we had my husband’s family to come for pizza, sweets and a cake, of course. Actually we had two cakes! And here is why 🙂 Read more