Prague diaries. Part 1

Hi guys!
Did you miss me? I hope so 🙂
Sorry I was missing for so long. Don’t worry nothing happened I just didn’t feel like writing at all the last weeks. I did however post a lot of stuff on my Insta (@anastaciaglezakou) – so I wasn’t missing completely 🙂
As you might know from IG during the last two months I had a family trip to Prague Read more

The Gorky Park

The Gorky Park – I don’t know how many times I have already said that but it is my favourite place in Kharkiv and maybe on Earth! If you are ever in Kharkiv/Ukraine – it is definitely a must-see! It is so beautiful, so huge, so clean, with all kinds of entertainment for all ages! Read more

Picnic time with my boy…

Hi there!
Starting from today I am going to show you some unpublished pics from last year – my Kharkiv series. I went to Kharkiv back in October. And just now I found these pics on my computer. So even though autumn is over, let me show you how beautiful it is in Kkarkiv… Here we go! Read more

Total red or total Zara

Total red or total Zara.
I must confess I am a little huge fan of Zara. Well, who isn’t? I love checking their collections, trying on clothes, shoes and accessories. Even if i don’t buy I would wander around the shop, try on outfits. Probably shop-assistants don’t like it that much 🙂 Read more

The most magical time of the year…

It’s the most magical time of the year…
Slowly but surely we are approaching this time of the year…
In Greece people/shops usually decorate their trees quite early, beginning of December. And same I like to do at home – so that you feel Christmas spirit. After the birth of our son I wanted to start some family traditions. So my husband and I have decided to make a holiday tradition – first weekend of December we decorate our Christmas tree! Read more

Dress lover

Hi there!
You may recognize this dress – well, not exactly. I have this same dress but in red colour (see here, here and here). It is extremely soft and feminine. So when I saw it had also green colour – it went straight to my shopping basket. What can I say? I am a dress addict 🙂 Read more

Green perfection…

Hello to everyone who missed me! 🙂
We’ve just came back from our trip to my native Kharkov. And I was going through millions of pictures on my computer and realised that I have never posted these pics from our previous trip. Oops 🙂 Read more